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** Alphapolis Official Manga "Calogero's paints" drawn by me is being serialized.

(September 09, 2019)
"Calogero's paints" episode 6 is released. The first volume of comics will be released in Japan in late November.
(August 12, 2019)
"Calogero's paints" episode 5 is released.
(July 08, 2019)
"Calogero's paints" episode 4 is released.
(July 01, 2019)
"Calogero's paints" will resume from July 8th. It is updated on the second Monday of every month.
(April 02, 2019)
It has been decided that the series "Calogero's paints" will continue. The start date is still undecided. I will contact you as soon as it is decided.
(March 23, 2019)

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This page is the original manga and artworks site of YUKI Asara.
All copyrights of them belong to me. Reproduction / use etc. of them is copyright infringement.
All Manga and blog posts are written in Japanese.

Awards and Works

(From July 08, 2019) "Calogero's paints" is being serialized on Alphapolis web.
(From October 08, 2018 to December 10, 2018) "Calogero's paints" was serialized on Alphapolis web.
Received special prize at "Alphapolis 10th Manga Award" held in March 2017


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